Our Team

Ahmad Sheheed Kottayil


"Ahmed Shaheed Kottayil" is a businessman, founder, and director of Alhidaibah Distribution LLC. He hails from Malappuram, Tirur and he has lived in Dubai, UAE. He has actively been in

MH Hashif


"Mohamed Hashif, the founder & COO of Livanio International hails from gods on country, Kerala. He is well known for his simplicity, brilliance and his professionalism. He was the founder

Mansoor Ali


Mansoor Ali’s passion is passionate about awareness-based initiatives and caring for the social, cultural groundwork. His development guiding role, as well as involved in Entrepreneurial

Muhammad Shakir


Muhammad Shakir is a young dynamic, innovative and enthusiastic professional working as BDM in F&B industry at Dubai. His expertise lies in both leadership and also carries extensive experience

Faisal Mohammed Koladi


Faizal Mohamed koladi is a native of Malappuram, Tirur and he has lived in Dubai, UAE. He has had over 32 years experience in different sphere of life.He has serving as the PRO in Axis Bank Dubai

Harish Thali


Harish Thali is a native of Thali Thrissur, Settled in Dubai, UAE. He works as the PRO of Multiplex International. He is a very committed and enthusiastic team member of Livanio International.

Salih EK


Salih is an Indian who currently based in UAE. He is genetically a businessman with over ten years experience. Salih started his career as a salesman in perfumes shop and has grown from there to a well-

Sheik Muhammed Manayil


SHEIK MUHAMMED MANAYIL is a modern technology enthusiast. He is always passionate about Robot and software. He has served as an accountant and IT manager in various companies